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The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 Apk MOD+Obb Data[!Latest Version] Free

The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 APK Free Download wih 0bb data latest version. Download Full APK of The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 free for android. It’s full working Apk.

The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 Apk overview

The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 android game is developed by AGaming+ and publishes in google play store. They develop games for android. It is an action android game that leads the player to the action creativity. This game is last updated on 10 May 2019 and has 100,000 plus downloads on play store. You can The Sun: Origin APK free download by click the download button below on the bottom of this page You can also download THE AVENGERS IRON MAN MARK VII .


The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 android game Review

*** Dear players! This game is very difficult! If you want to have a rest playing The Sun: Origin, you’d better find another game for pleasant pastime. Cause in this game it’s hell! Since the beginning of the project just few players could survive in rough conditions of Wasteland! But if you still decide to try, don’t complain in the comments that you die of radiation, poisoning, thirst and hunger! And don’t say that nobody warned you! Just the most attentive players won’t have any problems with surviving in the world of The Sun: Origin! Good luck…***

In the year 2050, the sun unleashed a catastrophic surge of energy into space, a wave of power that would plunge our civilization into chaos for centuries. Though predicted for years by the scientific community, their warnings were ignored by the world leaders that instead squabbled over petty territorial concerns.

When the wave of energy struck the earth, a storm of radioactive particles blanketed the atmosphere in a deadly, carcinogenic fog. The fog killed indiscriminately … the young, old, rich and poor all fell in equal measure. Only those that had heeded the warnings and taken shelter in abandoned bunkers were spared.

When their supplies eventually ran out and these communities were forced to emerge from their shelters, they saw a new world of desolation and chaos. A world in which the laws of civilization had been replaced by the law of the gun. The few areas that still had clean water and arable land were held by ruthless warlords and their armies.

It was in this world that a warrior known only as Raven would emerge. A warrior that would save his people by bending the wasteland to his will. A warrior that would one day become a legend.

– Explore a merciless wasteland in an immersive, first-person view.
– Manage scarce resources such as ammunition, food and medical supplies.
– Brave the dangers of the Wasteland and face off against humans, rabid hounds, ghouls and raiders.


– Replaced some game objects;
– Correction of dialogues;
– Other fixes and improvements.
– Fixed bug with saving files.

Requirements of The Sun: Origin 1.6.1

Before you start The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 APK Free Download, you must check for the minimum requirement and make sure that your android device meets these requirements.

  • Requires Android version: 4.1 and up
  • Device: Tested on Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3
  • File Size: 30+427 MB
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz +
  • Ram: 2 GB

The Sun: Origin MOD APK Free Download

Click on the button below to start The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 APK Free Download. You just need to download The Sun: Origin game and install on your android device. We provide full direct link for The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 Apk game.

The Sun: Origin APK data Free Download

How to install The Sun: Origin APK with Data

Following steps are required to install The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 game with data.

  1. First Downlad the Apk of The Sun: Origin 1.6.1 and its data.
  2. Install game Apk but do not open it now.
  3. After installing game Turn off the mobile data and wifi connection to avoid auto download game data.
  4. Extract the game data zip file to location Android/obb/ or copy the folder com.agaming.thesun.origin to that location.
  5. If Android folder does not contains the obb folder just create it and put the download game data folder in it.
  6. You are done.
  7. Now launch the game and you are ready to play.It should no longer say to download game data.You may on you wifi or mobile data connections.